To Go Or Not to Go

Are you stuck in a well of emotions after having gone though that heartbreak for the nth time? Ever wish there is an alternative to the drudgery of eight-to-five, facing a stone-wall kind of job? Then, it’s about time for you to file that much-awaited office vacation leave and hit the road of travelling…

Travelling is an antidote to the oft’ boring and stress-laden routine of daily living and might as well be the closest thing you can get to reclaiming the world’s immeasurable wonder. In case you are still reluctant to be tagged as a tourist, then have a sampling of the backpacker’s paradise and ponder on the reasons why a change in environment is necessary for the nourishment of your weary soul…

1. You won’t see your boss and your sucker of an office mate for a while

Imagine being freed from the demanding and stressful ruminations of that person who occupies the corner office and not being tormented by your officemate who doesn’t do any better than sucking up to the higher-ups. But be sure to leave notice that you wouldn’t want to be disturbed while atop that magnificent mountain otherwise those bad corporate memories will surely come flying back and block the wonderful view from your horizon.

2. You will have a memorable time with your significant other

…minus the nosy in-laws, sans your emotionally-draining friends – this truly is a recipe for a quiet time for yourselves. Both of you can explore the expanse of the white-sand beach HHWW (holding hands while walking) and gaze at the constellations which adorn the night sky. You can converse endlessly as if there is tomorrow and rekindle the passions that brought your hearts together. Be sure, though, to engage in activities that interest you, or else you might be caught in the vicious cycle of arguments that will lead to nowhere.

3. You’ll have your hard-earned money put to good use

Okay, so you really deserve this vacation as a way of splurging on the excesses from your hard-earned, excruciating day job. But remember to control your expenses. While having your vacation, keep in mind the miser’s motto: live within your means. If, say, you’re struggling to pay your monthly bills, forego the pleasures of the airline business class cabin – opt for the economy class instead. It will also be worth planning your trip so you can work out a budget for accommodation, food and what-have-you. You can also avail yourself of promotions that hotels and airline companies dole out way in advance. In this way, you’ll truly enjoy your hard-earned money without having to worry about residual debt when crunch time comes.

4. You’ll discover the beauty of the world

If the pathological need to be in the know consumes your entire being, if you are inclined to explore what the world has to offer through the lenses of your eyes – then it’s about time to revel in the magic of travelling. As you do, you’ll be inclined to discover the hidden caverns of beauty lurking in some distant lands. If you’re the adventurous type, you can even fling yourself willy-nilly in the cultural uniqueness of the places you visit. But to downplay the risk of touching on the locals’ raw-nerve and thus avert possible disaster, be aware of the well-entrenched customs and traditions of the places you’ll visit. So next time you enter a Japanese enclave, remember to remove your shoes at the door. By so doing, you are sure to win the heart of your hosts.

5. You’ll soothe your weary soul

While caught in the thick of things, you often forget the essentials which are – as Antoine Saint-Exupery claims – invisible to the eye. As you immerse yourself in the solitude and joy of your travels and get lost in the marvel of creation, you’ve got a chance to redeem these essentials. And you come out of the whole experience refreshed and ready once more for the drudgery inherent in the daily grind.

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